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Peely and Tim Hanson Holding the Robin - Click here for larger image

A number of years ago, it was observed that a certain slackness and casual attitude was creeping into the Hawks fielding skills resulting in a few unnecessary match losses.
Positive and firm action to correct this was required and right under our very noses was the solution, our good friend beer.

The Robin is a 2 pint pot that is awarded after every match by that day's Match Manager.
It is for the worst fielder of that day.
It is to be drunk in one continuous effort or gulp.
Good fielding does not make up for any bad fielding.
Good bowling or batting has no influence either.
It is ONLY awarded for bad fielding, nothing else.

Bowling Fines
Wides or No Balls = 1 pint. Beware of wides going for 4 runs also!
Yes, you can work that one out for yourself.

Batting Fines
At the match manager's discretion, the first four batsmen can sometimes be on a 40 run target. Achieving 41 runs or more will result in no beer penalties.
30-40 runs = 1 pint
20-29 runs = 2 pints
10-19 runs = 3 pints
0-9 = 4 pints

General Drinking Rules and Tips
All to be drunk in one and preferably at pace. Tip: Attack the Robin.
These are penalties, not rewards.
All fines are 'down in one' but can be spread out over the course of an evening.
Tip: Research has suggested that a 5th pint 'down in one' within 30 minutes will try and jump back out.

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