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Team lounging around - Click here for larger image - this could take a full 30 seconds Guy Scott polishing off the Hanson at Gerrards Cross C.C. - Click here for larger image - this could take a full 30 seconds

The Hawks Cricket Club is a nomadic cricket club based in and around the Wharfe Valley, Yorkshire who play nearly every Saturday and some Sundays throughout the season.

Players are drawn from many different parts of the local community because, for the last 65 years, the Hawks cricket club has been open to all ages and backgrounds. It is well known for promoting high standards of cricket and good fun. The Hawks also have a loyal following of parents, wives, girlfriends and a few grand parents also!

The cricket club is made up of an interesting cross section of class and talent from around the district starring legends of yesteryear, lads at their peak and the vast potential of many young Hawks.

Opportunities for new members always exist if they think they can maintain the consistently high standards of bowling, batting and banter that make up the Hawks Cricket Club in varying degrees.

NEWS... Can the Hawks really bring back friendly cricket to Otley? The committee say YES and are trying very hard to get funding to support their plan. The plan involves bringing a derelict cricket pitch back to life and creating a local focal point for a big cross section of Otley's residents. Bringing an old bit of land back to life and playing sport there would be a great benefit to everybody.

Under 18? …Look at the Young Hawks section by clicking here for more information. Lifts for non drivers are often available.

Have a look at the 2008 photo gallery... clicking here.

What's happening in 2009? Email us or Call us to find out more.

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