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Looking for a new cricket sweater or something different in the shirt and tie department?

Photos of the kit will be available on this page as soon as a photo shoot has taken place.

To apply to be a model on this glamorous photo opportunity, at the Hunters Inn, email [email protected]

Inspect The Hawks Collection shown below and pay later. Upgrade your wardrobe and kit bag with these special items that Beckham and GQ magazine would love to get their hands on!

"The 65 range" - sourced by fashion guru and no mean wicket keeper either, Kit Ward. Celebrate the 65th year of the Hawks Cricket Club with a present to yourself or your loved one. In certain cases this can be the same person.

Cricket Sweaters
100% Wool, Hawks Logo.
What about an extra one for the woman in your life? Warm up your woman this season!
Long sleeves - Pick your size
Short sleeves - Pick your size

Bow ties
Navy blue with silver Hawks.
A timeless classic to be worn at all serious black tie events.
This custom designed bow tie has been recorded as lasting as long as up to 3 Hawks Balls.

Another conversation stopper. It shouts volumes of club pride.

Rugby shirts from "the 65 range"
A. Solid Dark blue - Hawks Logo, Dates, Web address on sleeve.
B. Blue stripes - Hawks Logo, Dates, Web address on sleeve.
C. Light blue/Turquoise, Lightweight Cloth. - Hawks Logo, Dates, Web address on sleeve.
D. Sweater - Hawks Logo, Dates.

Interested in being a model let us know!
Interested in being a model let us know!

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